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Recent Holiday Scenes of the Homeless

Eagles, Beavers, a Snowy Egret

A Jim Beam Laundromat Homeless Man Christmas Memory

Swept Away (Part 2)

Swept Away (Part 1)

Christmas Rakes for the Homeless (Part 3)

Christmas Rakes for the Homeless (Part 1)

Homeless in the Dunes (Part 2)

Homeless in the Dunes (Part 1)

A Man's Need for Counseling

Lord of the Flies

Consider The Old Crow Book Club this Holiday Season

Annette (Part 2)

Annette (Part 1)

Pigeon Man

One RV Park Made the Difference

The Joy of the Old Crow Book Club

Candy Corn Homeless Man


Oakridge and Glide

Prefontaine Memorial Run

Jamie Needs a Flute!

The Stethoscope Man

Mark, Rejected for Housing Again

Elizabeth (Part 2)

Elizabeth (Part 1)

Poverty, By America

Harmonica Man

Linda the Bookstore Clerk Again!


Recent Thoughts on Oregon's Homeless Crisis

Visit to Mark's Cardiologist

Almost Gus (Part 2)

Almost Gus (Part 1)

French Press

Robert in a Wheelchair

Note to Readers About the Newsletter in Year 3

These are the Days of the Old Crow Book Club Lives


Moby Dick (Part 2)

Moby Dick (Part 1)

A Moral Dilemma

The Fire Extinguisher

Cassie the Bartender

Old Crow T-shirts


“It's Going Global”

Donnie, Gigger Extraordinaire

A Second Edition of Old Crow?

A Successful Mission

Once More into the Abyss

Mark the Matchmaker (Part 3)

Mark the Matchmaker (Part 2)

Mark the Matchmaker (Part 1)

NY Times

Capitol Mall


Fort Building Metaphor Magic

Under Bridges

The Clanging of the Cans



Coyote and Sturgeon Morning

What Would Tom McCall Do?

The Old Crow Book Club Launch Party!

The Book Launch Party is Set!

Jacob's Calls

The Shave

Saturday Morning Homeless Report From the Southern Oregon Coast

Linda's Old Crow Critique!!!

"I Wanted to Go to Africa"

The State of Our Nation 5-12-82

Letter to the Big Boss of Homelessness

The Book Critics!

Linda and Lord Calvert


Mark's Return to the Old Town Abyss

Mark's Heart Attacks

Jamie the Flute Busker

The Old Crow Book Release (Part 3)

The Old Crow Book Release (Part 2)

The Old Crow Book Release (Part 1)

Milton and Scooter Again!

The Old Crow Book Club is Released

Linda, the Bookstore Clerk

Cookie Sheet Heater

Marty! Marty! Marty!

Milk and Whiskey

A Hardening of the Heart?

Some Thoughts on Writing About Crisis of Homelessness in Oregon

The Destruction of a Wetlands (Part 2)

The Destruction of a Wetlands (Part 1)

Recent Winter Experiences with the Homeless

Overheard in a Bar

Reflections on the Great Recession of 2008-09 (Part 2)

Reflections on the Great Recession of 2008-09 (Part 1)

On Maintenance

Frost Covered Faith

Return to Old Town (Part 2)

Return to Old Town (Part 1)

The Wordless Street Sign

The Usual RV/Trailer Suspects

Marlboro Menthol 100s


Oregon Tavern/Homeless Age: The 82nd Avenue River

Oregon Homeless Age: OHA


Recent Meditations on the Homeless Crisis

Happy New Year!

Takin' it to the Streets Hallmark Homeless Christmas (Part 3)